Further exploration into Soundtrap

My recent practicum experience involved teaching Stage 4 (year 7 & 8) students who had just been introduced to Soundation. This is another free online sequencing DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that is cloud based so students can work on their projects at home and at school. Like most it includes the option to use pre-made loops or create your own midi track. It has good editing features to edit sound, apply compression, equalisers, planning and changing dynamices wihtin the track. However we came across a few limiting features. You couldn’t record audio or you own instrument and save within the free version – this required an upgrade. We had many techical issues with programs not logging in correctly, error messages for saving. Apart from the recording external instruments/vocals, all other issues we were able to troubleshoot, and becuase of that I actually feel much more confident in working around the program.

However, not being able to record your own sounds into Soundation is limiting, especially when your’re teaching lyric writing to year 7 and want to record them into their own beats. I therefore have also been looking more into Soundtrap as introduced in one of our early technology lectures. The more I know about this program the more I like about it. The two key features that I think are of great benefit are the ability to collaborate with friends in real time, plus the simiplicity of the interface design.  Here is a short video I made (using Camtasia to test out this video editing software, see Previous blog) on Soundtrap.

I made two videos, the first was an introduction to using Soundtrap:

The second looking at a quick demonstration of the collaboration function and how it can work with Noteflight:

Further Noteflight and Flat.io have integrated systems with Soundtrap that allows you to both import and export directly to these respective programs. Notation imports as midi, and midi exports as notation. Similarly MP3 files can be both imported and exported as wav files. Another short video demonstrating this integration opportunity. Soundtrap also can be integrated into many different school LMS’ and teachers can set up templates and assignment portals through Soundtrap. A feature I hope to explore soon.