It’s arrived!

My first Makey Makey kit arrived and what better way to test it out than with my 5yo. After setting things up through the very helpful Makey Makey website and a few YouTube demonstrations we were off. This is the opposite of wireless but still lots of fun. The Makey Makey kit acts as a keyboard extension while using alligator clips to bring to life any object that essentially can conduct electricity. The objects you connect with then control the keyboard commands. Our initial testing was using the alligator clips connected to Play-Doh. The Makey Makey site has loads of small games that people have programmed through Scratch (still to work that one out) that you can try out with your new “keyboard”. Lots of fun ideas with keyboards, drum machines and even Tetris. My son of course even managed to find one with fart noises! Here is a video of a first day testing.

I also made a Cheat Sheet for start-up instructions I can use in the classroom to help students – although I do like the idea of just giving it to them to work out for themselves!