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The process that outweighed the project! (Almost!)

I have just completed my music technology project that I have been working on this last semester. All my content, process & lesson resources are here. Please click and explore my video experiments and outcomes! But to really experience it as it is hands on come to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Technology Public Presentation of Learning […]

New Scratch Project

Just finished my new scratch project – go and have a play!

My latest composition journey

I’ve been on a composition journey learning how to teach students the art of composition, while also composing myself. Something that can be a scary process for most, including myself and many teachers. But I made it! As in I made it to the end and also created a 2 minute composition for 5 instruments. […]

Enabling Creativity – bringing makers into the classroom

The Maker Movement as Time Magazine states “moving from passive users to active creators” (Bajarin, 2014). This SBS article introducing Leila who is one of three female bladesmiths in Australia (at 14) is a perfect demonstration of the movement and how “arts meets technology” (Costello, 2017). The Maker movement is evolving in creative community maker […]

What’s in a mixed bag?

What’s in a mixed bag?

You know after you’ve been listening to a piece, pulled it apart, put it back together again and still like it, that it is rich in content to include in your teaching cannon.  I’ve been working on a classroom arrangement of Philip Gass’ “Closing”. This piece and arrangement has provided much flexibility, extension opportunities and […]

The whole is greater than the sum of parts

Consideration to designing resources and online education. In a previous blog I looked at various online/offline software resources for designing resources for students. Not only is it important to look at what method you choose to communicate your content, but also how you design it.   In design, there is a set of guiding principles […]

Customisable Drills for Skills

We were fortunate in our last lecture to have a discussion with one of the developers/owner of Rising Software who developed Musition and Auralia. These are music skills programs designed with an enormous level of exercises to practice and drill your music skills. Auralia is targeted to help your aural ear training and sight singing […]

Different modes of learning with technology

What do three Sydney schools with hugely different approaches to technology integration have in common? This was what the first section of University of Sydney’s MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) The Place of Music in 21st Century Education set out to investigate. It reviewed three very different Sydney schools, two independents and one public school […]

Composition 101

I’ve begun a composition journey in three stages. 1. Designing resources on how to teach composition, 2. Arranging a piece to use in the classroom as an exemplar and 3. Creating my own composition using the composition structure I design. It sounds complicated enough to me, but here is a link to my reflection blog on […]

Interactive Learning – Important questions to ask for creating resources

How do we build great resources to communicate to students? This was the main title of my fourth music Technology lecture…and the answer is…it’s complicated. But not so complicated that it can’t be done. The first complication comes from Australian copyright law. Unless you have the full license for any music, image, score, it would […]

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