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A new project is looming

The next semester is here and I think the word “challenging” is one best to describe the two subjects that put me out of my comfort zone the most  – composition and technology. But life is meant to be exciting and something that I’m very excited for learning more about, is the technology behind invention […]

Are we really ever finished?

As I near the end of completing all my resources and planning for my unit, it’s very easy to read over things and think “oh I could do that” or “it could even work well with this activity”. Luckily there will be plenty more to plan to use later ideas. Perhaps it’s the nature of […]

Notation software

For this unit I have been creating all my resources using Noteflight. Using one in-browser notation software, has actually made this part of the task quite efficient. I have been able to learn new keyboard shortcuts and everything is saved in the Noteflight Cloud. I can therefore access it anywhere with a record of all of […]

Room for improvement

I have been creating resources such as YouTube videos and exploring how best to edit screen and voice-overs together. I’m getting better but there is much room to improve. For starters I have how a proper microphone (yes very exciting) that has helped (not surprisingly) with the recording. I now also record in a room with […]

Modern day greatness

One of the best things I’ve come to realise in compiling this unit; is that when looking into music of the last 25years, we have access to great documentation from the composers themselves. We have access to their blogs, websites and many wonderful resources that have been created, analysing and discussing their music with the […]

Making a mountain….

The resources for this unit are mounting….I’m finding it difficult to keep an accurate track as I develop and of course revise tasks and  resources as I think of alternate ideas. One of the best quotes I keep in mind from Ken Burns “cut your darlings!” Something I try to keep in the back of […]

Consulting with composer Sandy Evans

As part of my unit I had the great opportunity to consult with the Australian composer Sandy Evans. I am using her amazing jazz work “Big Swell” inspired by Indian Carnatic music as a main focus for this unit. This incredible work provides so many areas across Jazz and Indian music that can be explored in the classroom….where […]

From scores to dictations

A focus of my unit has been devising aural dictations from key musical ideas in chosen topic pieces. I am planning to use these as starter activities as a way of introducing melodic, rhythmic, harmonic ideas from the pieces. This way students are actively engaged in analysing, understanding and remembering small excerpts, to then link […]

Drafting Music Resources for Music of the last 25 years

Sifting through greatness and formalising unit ideas.   I’m in the process of drafting my Year 12 Unit of Work; Music of the last 25 years (Australian focus). I’ve begun a blog to help document my resource development process using Google Sites to host my resource ideas. Mainly becuase I wanted to test out Google […]

Trying something new

It’s always good to learn something new. That’s one reason why I returned to uni to begin a Bachelor of Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. This has definitely been one of my hardest challenges. Returning to uni while adding to my family and working part time is no easy measure. However it has […]

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