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From scores to dictations

A focus of my unit has been devising aural dictations from key musical ideas in chosen topic pieces. I am planning to use these as starter activities as a way of introducing melodic, rhythmic, harmonic ideas from the pieces. This way students are actively engaged in analysing, understanding and remembering small excerpts, to then link […]

Drafting Music Resources for Music of the last 25 years

Sifting through greatness and formalising unit ideas.   I’m in the process of drafting my Year 12 Unit of Work; Music of the last 25 years (Australian focus). I’ve begun a blog to help document my resource development process using Google Sites to host my resource ideas. Mainly becuase I wanted to test out Google […]

Trying something new

It’s always good to learn something new. That’s one reason why I returned to uni to begin a Bachelor of Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. This has definitely been one of my hardest challenges. Returning to uni while adding to my family and working part time is no easy measure. However it has […]

Outdoor weddings

So honoured to be able to play at this recent wedding.  The Bride chose a great mix of modern and classical music for the ceremony and always a great opportunity to play with Alex Gilmour.

Happy New Year for 2015!

Exciting new year ahead with the celebration of Bach’s 330th Birthday and 100 years at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Term 1 will be commencing 31st of January through to the 27th of March with holiday lessons on the 17th of January.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in the New Year! 

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New Website

The new Eight Above website is now up and running with the latest news on our events, music lessons and tips for all your piano playing.  8va (Eight Above) Music is very excited about being able to connect and provide music information via the new website and social media pages.  Follow us on Facebook and […]

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