Reliving my childhood with PulseBoy

It’s not perfect but it was fun trying it out. This is a step sequencer whereby the user can easily enough click on various sounds and squares to make into a sequence and essentially make some music. I was particularly interested in trying out as it has been designed as a throw back, both in sounds and design, to the GameBoy. As a step sequencer that ideally has minimal barriers to entry, this one in comparison is a little more fiddly and tricky than something like Acid Machine by Errozero, that we learnt about in Music Technology at the Sydney Con this week. Each column can contain a sound and the time moves downwards. You can include more sounds/”notes” horizontally if you want more than one sound at time. It has a few different sound selections that you can change by clicking through with the column header, however it is difficult to test out sounds before inputting them. The interface is also tedious compared to other step sequences and it operates in flash. However, as a free, in-browser option for students who had more exposure in using step sequences and want to make some cool gaming sounds, this could be useful.