Room for improvement

I have been creating resources such as YouTube videos and exploring how best to edit screen and voice-overs together. I’m getting better but there is much room to improve. For starters I have how a proper microphone (yes very exciting) that has helped (not surprisingly) with the recording. I now also record in a room with carpet versus floorboards again which helps focus the sound. Due to the way my computer is set up to record the screen, I need to record the sound coming from the application and so therefore have to record the voice over separately. This is quite time consuming and if I don’t have a fully worked out script it can take a lot longer than planned. I am still looking into a way I can properly record my screen while delivering clarity from two different sound sources – I’m sure there is an easy answer for this!

Here is the link to my latest YouTube tutorials for two different music technology applications. Both are in browser versus “apps”. I try to explore in browser programs, as it is much easier for everyone to access on a laptop or school computer versus downloading apps that may only be available to either iOS or android. I also try to integrate technology where it will provide a useful function related specifically to the task, not just adding it in to tick the technology box.