Sibelius…it’s the little things

It’s always the little things that can make a big difference, like learning all the little tricks in notation software to make your life easier. I’m very fortunate to be learning from James Humberstone, not only a great educator but actually a creator of Sibelius who knows all the secret clues to unlock your mastery. I do love the accessibility of in browser software such as Notation and Musescore. I find the practicality when teaching so helpful for both the portability of my own work and capturing student work, plus also free access to these great notation software platforms for students. Both now have the XML software to help enable their own portability (i.e. export facility) between other notation software for students that perhaps might be working with free software at home and the paid version of Sibelius at school.

But when seeing the demonstration of what Sibelius has to offer, it is easy to understand the price difference in access for teachers. The ability to generate worksheets, access pre-made notated loops and the idea capture features are such a benefit to the classroom…I’m thinking of upgrading. Here is a small video of the tips we captured today.