Trying something new

It’s always good to learn something new. That’s one reason why I returned to uni to begin a Bachelor of Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

This has definitely been one of my hardest challenges. Returning to uni while adding to my family and working part time is no easy measure. However it has taught me a lot about myself and extended my capabilities beyond my imagination. Not to mention time management skills!

Someone often said to me “crisis creates opportunity”. It sure does. At the Con, each assessment becomes more challenging than the last – no doubt intended to be to extend our own learning and self development.

I’m taking the opportunity now to try something new. To extend my site to share my newly developed skills, resources and thought processes. This is for my own self-developmet and learning through reflection, but also as a way to share with others the skills I am learning.

Hope you learn something new too!